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Dr. Post is an national and international speaker. Dr. Post has been speaking to groups of all sizes on the topics of leadership, strategy, generations, social media, and technology. Dr. Post brings humor, energy, and a whole lot of fun to the stage when she speaks. Dr. Post believes everyone is uniquely gifted and the world needs those gifts, who they are matter, and what they do makes a difference. If you want to be edutained at your next event than book Dr. Michelle Post, SMS by emailing


Leadership / Strategy

Dr. Post loves leadership and strategy. Dr. Post focuses on leadership from the inside-out. She believes the more an individual understands him or herself, the better the individual and leader he or she will be. Additionally, it takes strategy combined with the right tactics and systems to succeed today. 



America currently has eight living generations and five of those are in the workplace. It is important to understand who the generations are, what makes each one different and how to use the differences to build a strong multi-generational work environment that has the potential for increased creativity and innovation.


Social Media / technology

Social media is no longer a "nice to have" but is instead a "must use." Social Media and Technology do not need to be overwhelming. Instead, by learning how to understand that these are tools and with the addition of simple strategies and systems anyone can master social media and technology.

One presentation does not fit all. Dr. Post creates custom presentations for each speaking event. The more she understands the audience and their needs, the more customized the presentation. Review The Post Institute website, Dr. Post's books on Amazon, and her social media to discover examples of her speaking, writing, and design style.

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