I have known Dr. Michelle Post for the past five years and find her to be an innovative thinker, an expert in her field, resourceful, ethical, funny, crazy smart and always inspirational. Michelle seeks out the tools to be successful, knows what really matters and generously shares her knowledge and experiences with her clients and students. The integrity behind her approach to life has positioned her as a principle-centered leader. I highly recommend her to any organization or individual who wants to increase their capacity for engaging their customers and remain sane while doing it!
— Carrie Buchan, Director, Leadership Douglas County
I recently attended Dr. Michelle Post’s Third Tech Tuesday class at the Castle Rock Chamber – ‘Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Intermediate Users.’ It was extremely useful, packed with great ideas and well-presented. Michelle knows her stuff, and her style makes it easy to learn. I became a LinkedIn user within its first year, and thought I knew it pretty well. She taught me a few new tricks. I would highly recommend Dr. Michelle Post to anyone who wants to get better at using LinkedIn or any other social media.
— Russ Minary
Michelle Post is among the most brilliant people I’ve had the priveledge to meet during my studies at the Art Institute of Colorado. Any organization considering Michelle as a candidate for employment would be extremely fortunate to have her. Michelle is technically savvy, always abreast of the latest and greatest technologies and has an uncanny ability to teach students and professionals how to improve upon even their best attributes. I consider her a personal friend and regard her as an incredibly capable professional.
— Leonardo De La Rocha
Dr. Post is one of the most passionate people I know. She is dedicated and committed to all of the personal and professional aspects of her life. While working with Michelle, I had the pleasure of experiencing her intelligence, compassion, and aptitude. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Michelle in any capacity is very lucky as she brings out the best in us all!
— Justin Walmsley
Michelle is one of the most conscientious people I know. She puts her all into what ever she is doing and those on the receiving end always get more than they expected. Her ideas are relevant and she assists with putting information into a useful context. She really understands what’s important and knows how to translate technical information into understandable language. I heartily recommend her.
— Judith Light
Dr Post is one of the most engaging speakers and instructors i have ever had the pleasure to have during my degree process. It is a rare thing to find a person who genuinely wants to see people not only succeed scholastically and professionally, but also emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Post has a strong foundation of faith that allows her to provide compassionate assistance to those that need additional assistance either in the classroom or workplace.
— Robert Mitchell
Dr. Michelle Post is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met and a great boss. She is an extraordinary leader, because she recognizes one’s talents and how to best use them in the organization. Also, she empowers others by supporting their professional goals. Overall, she is a terrific leader and a true inspiration.
— Dr. Trish Elley
Michelle Post is a dedicated employee. She is committed to excellence and has a strong work ethic. She is very skilled in technology, leadership, employee training, and team building. She is collegial, direct, honest, and uses humor very effectively. She is a joy to work with.
— Dr. Tracy Senstock
Dr. Post is fantastic! She taught a class for my nursing cohort on Social Media and the impact that it makes on our future careers. She also encouraged us to make connections and pursue jobs via our connections on Linkedin. I would highly recommend Dr. Post! She has incredible interpersonal skills, integrity, and a passion for helping her students succeed. She is also very approachable, while going above and beyond.
— Matthew Rosenstein